For Content Contributors

If you are new to DS or have general questions about DS membership, please read our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for institutional members and associates. Then please see the information below regarding DS records and how to create them.

DS_Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Re Metadata: UC Berkeley is the Technical Host for Digital Scriptorium and UCB Library has converted to a new digital platform so the former DS database, WebGenDB, is no longer accessible or supported. All members must now use the

Batch Load Metadata Spreadsheet

posted online for cataloging input. There are two versions of the spreadsheet: one a Google spreadsheet with the headers locked and the other a xslx spreadsheet also with the headers protected. You can use either. In the same Google folder there is also a Helper Spreadsheet that includes two sample manuscript records, and a copy of the DS Data Dictionary.

Re Images: Although many institutions choose to display only a selection of images for each record, DS will take all images you have for a manuscript. You may choose to include captions for each image, but for completely digitized manuscripts this is not practical, as each caption needs to be matched to its appropriate image file on a separate spreadsheet. We recommend following FADGI guidelines at the level of 2 stars or higher. The higher the level the better the image will display. Please see the

FADGI guidelines for more information.

To help explicate the structure of a DS record and explain certain descriptive attributes, we continue to post the following documents, although WebGenDB is no longer in use:

Please contact Debra Cashion if you need assistance with the Batch Load Metadata Spreadsheet, or use the feedback form for questions to contact UC Berkeley technical support.